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Remembering India

Staffan: Name all the things you find here that are different from home.

Eilir and Phineas in unison: Tuk-tuks!

Phineas: Boys and men wearing dresses

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Pushkar, aka where the dog ate Eilir’s pajamas

The drive through the countryside from Udaipur to Pushkar was a feast for the eyes. Rolling lush green hills with rocky outcrops, spotted with vibrant colors from the many women out and about. No matter how rural or remote you try to get in India, you are never alone.

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To die for: Udaipur

Rajasthan is one of the most colorful states of India, both literally and figuratively. Traditional Rajasthani dress finds most women wearing extremely brightly colored, ankle length dresses with gem-adorned, see-through veils. The art of covering their faces as strangers near is refined, almost like a flock of birds coordinated in their flight upon being startled, but less abrupt.

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Mumbai, for better or for worse

We disembarked from our aircraft at 12:02AM, the hour of Midnight's Children, to the familiar humidity of Mumbai drenched in ghee and garam masala. The skies were pitch black, but the warm glow of cooking fires and precariously strung electric lights from the slums surrounding the landing strips welcomed us.

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